For emergency jobs, we have the unique ability to perform many of them exclusively in house, and we stand behind our ability to work well under pressure.

We have two fabrication shops, one pipe and one structural on the same site, and a very large work force which allows us to work quickly and with the proper adaptability to get the job done in the shortest amount of time while maintaining our safety standards. We strive to meet deadlines beforehand.



  • R,U,S ASME Code Stamps

  • Turn-Key Contracts, Planning & Execution, Scheduling

  • 24 hr Turnaround Services capabilities

  • Two fabrication shops totaling 40,000 square foot

  • Specialty Welding & Fabrication and Installation

  • Work force of 200 plus people

  • Alloy Specialists, Carbon, Stainless Steel, Nickel, etc.

  • Knowledgeable Q.C. Department

  • Civil Capabilities, Dozers, Truckhoes, Dump Trucks, etc.

  • Large Base of Dedicated Specialty Welders & Piping Crafts, Boiler Makers, Fresh Air welding, 40 hour hazmat trained

  • Structural Steel Erection

  • Form work Prefabrication

  • Site Preparation

  • Tank repairs

  • Capabilities to provide 24-7 field and shop support

  • Engineered and stamped Metal Buildings Design

  • Heavy Lifting and
    15-100 ton cranes

“Behind every construction company is a staff of dedicated individuals who work one on one, and very close with upper management and owners. Our team is made up of very “dedicated” men and women who see our visions, goals and support us day in and day out. Our team always goes above and beyond their jobs and titles.”
— Kylie Sparks, President


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